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Nations and Tongues

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I remember walking the hills and pastures of Pennsylvania asking God to give me the nations as an inheritance. Serving in a little church in the middle of nowhere, I couldn’t see how someone like me could be of any use at all to such a big world. But my Father loves to bring His kids to work with Him, so when one of His children asks to serve the purposes of His heart, He puts powerful forces into motion.
In the last month I’ve been to Germany and Brazil. In Germany Jen and I got to spend time with some of the best leaders in the German Church – to encourage them, worship with them, and form bonds of brotherhood that distance cannot weaken. This is their version (The Outbreak Band) of my song “The More I Seek You”. It is beautiful and carries the anointing of sincerity.
I just got back from Brazil as well, and the passion for worship I found there was astounding. Ana Paola Valadao and her team managed to translate my book “How to Worship a King” in time for the conference so that they could learn the power and nation-changing truth of biblical worship in their own language – Portuguese. What a deep honor and a pleasure to my heart.
Sometimes we forget the prayers that we made in our “day of small beginnings”, but I am here to remind you – God does not forget them. He cherishes them and pores out their answers in their time.
Praise the Lord.
In Brazil